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We are known for one of the most organized and pleasant tryout experiences in the area. We truly express confidence in those trying out and make them as comfortable as possible.  We do our very best to not make them feel ‘judged’ or ‘ignored’ at our tryouts. Ran very much like practice or an instructional session, we try to help and coach kids through tryouts which offers us the best opportunity to also evaluate their response, attitude, and teammate ability.  We will make them laugh, have fun, and leave wanting to play for one of our many great coaches.  This is the feedback we get year in and year out. The result is we specialize in picking great family members to join a drama free season where the memory will be in the experience, not just the wins or losses.  


We are worth waiting for if you already have an offer, and we are 100% worth attending when there is a conflict with another clubs tryout.  To get the full experience, do your best to make the tryout and avoid the make up date. In other situations it may not matter, but it does here, we promise. 


All summer tryouts have been completed.  Please check back in the fall as we expect to have a small fall tryout for unfilled positions.  If you are an 18's player or know of a Senior looking for a great team and coach to finish your last season with, please contact us directly.

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