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Concussions are an unfortunate part of the volleyball world but when we ALL treat concussions with the understanding of just how dangerous they are, we can assure our kids a full and healthy long term return to playing.

Like many things 'it takes a village' to assure we are all doing the right things ALL OF THE TIME.   That means that while all our coaches are trained and certified for concussion awareness and procedures, our parents and players need to fully understand how to identify an injury, what should happen when the injury occurs, and the process required before a player can return to play.

We emphasize these needs, but also want everyone to know that here in the State of Ohio, it's not just a recommended process, it's the law.   State law requires that any Ohio youth athlete who may have sustained a concussion during practice or game play must be removed from both activities for the remainder of the day. Special care must also be taken to help youth who have sustained a concussion return to learning activities.  The state of Ohio Law requires all coaches, staff, and instructors to be certified before working with athletes of any age or level.  The State also provides a very strict process for which we must handle concussions and when a coach or staff member does not follow these guidelines, they are breaking the law an in the State of Ohio, it's a criminal offense.

This all speaks to the magnitude of this specific injury and we all need to be on board, educated and committed to our process as outlined on this page.

Coaches, Parents, Players, and staff members are expected to fully understand the policies outlined on this page and also to follow all provided links to fully educate themselves as well to access needed forms and/or documentation. 


  1. When an incidence occurs where the head has been struck (beyond mild contact), by a ball, body part, structure, or object coaches are to immediately remove the player from activity and perform a series of checks as per their training.

  2. If the player appears to have no symptoms, the player should remain out of play for a period of 15-20 minutes and be tested again before returning the player to play.  If this happens in practice, remove the player from the remainder of the practice either way.

  3. If the player displays even one symptom of concussion, they may not return to play for the remainder of that day.

  4. Coaches are to report the incident to the club using our injury report form.

  5. Coaches are to make immediate contact with a parent or guardian to report the incident and recommend they monitor the player and/or seek a medical opinion.  Parents should be directed to this page.

  6. Coaches are instructed to not return this player to play until which time the parent has reported no symptoms in writing, or an approved medical professional has provided a written clearance to play. In the event the parent has stated no symptoms exist, the coach shall repeat the tests before allowing a player to play and/or practice.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

  7. A player in concussion protocol is expected to follow medical advice exactly as instructed in writing.  Players and parents must share this instruction with the coach.  The coach is expected to follow the written instruction completely and accurately.

  8. Regardless of medical instruction, the player is not permitted to participate in any aspect of activity until the written release form has been provided to Buckeyefire Volleyball.  This includes the most mild of participation such as having any contact with a ball or equipment, observing any activity in close proximity to the court, and/or any type of exercise or stretching.  Players must have permission, in writing, from a physician to even observe an activity once in concussion protocol.

  9. These policies are simply that of the club's.  Coaches, staff, parents, and players are accountable to fully educate themselves on the State Laws, OVR requirements, and all other policies required by all authoritative agencies with jurisdiction either here in Ohio or while traveling This is a minimum club standard superseded by Jurisdictional law or policy.  

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