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These are open to the general public and we welcome any players in the area to come play in a supervised gym. We do offer our great coaches to help organize the event so it is a productive couple of hours. Our coaches are there to answer questions and assist kids with technique and methodology in their game.   It is less instructive and more loose than a camp or clinic, but you’ll really love meeting our staff and seeing them in action. These are typically scheduled in the off season. Charges are detailed in the registration process. Some are charged events ($5 at the door) some are offered FOC. 


We welcome any local players to take advantage of our camps and clinics designed to focus on a singular skill set. The can be held throughout the year for our club members, but also in the off season for all our areas players. This is heavily instructed and we offer both entry level and advance level skills training from some of the very best coaches in the Ohio Valley Region. Payment information is posted at the registration links (typically ranging from $25-$50 depending on length and group size). These are limited in size to offer a very favorable coach to player ratio at every event and assure ample repetitions to all players involved.


We are partnered with some of the best professional trainers in the area as well as sports specific psychologists certified and dedicated to the high school athlete. Our partners shall offer heavily discounted rates for this additional training as an exclusive only to Buckeyefire Volleyball. 


We realize that club sports are very expensive and parents work so hard to offer this opportunity to their children.  We also realize there are talented athletes out there who may not get an opportunity to participate at this higher level because of that cost.  We have an amazing partner, who was a past player in the area and competed at every thinkable level who wants to offer players in need every chance possible to play.  Scholarship decisions are completely independent of us as to keep all club politics out of the process.  Check this out if you have a need.


You can get a private lesson from one of our amazing coaches.  These are charged directly to the player from the coach because Buckeyefire is completely dedicated to your development and not our profit.  You can email us a request and we will match you with a coach in the club who will contact you directly.   Private lesson times vary based on gym availability and time of season.   

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