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It is very important to know that Buckeyefire Volleyball holds 'FULLY SANCTIONED' tryouts as a member of the Ohio Valley Region and the USAV.   The following steps are a requirement to providing our players with a fully certified, background checked, and educated staff with ample insurance from these large organizations.   If a club is not requiring these steps and providing this information, those benefits are likely not being provided.  

Before registering, please follow the Ohio Valley Region Instructions and download/review these forms:


  • OVR REGISTRATION:  You must register with the OVR to attend any tryout. Print your registration card to show at the door of your tryouts.

  • OVR RECRUITING POLICY:  It's important to understand these policies as the ultimate one to get punished when violated, is the player who could lose high school eligibility.

  • ATHLETES BILL OF RIGHTS: This will be the most important document you can read. There are specific rights for you during the tryout period. The region is governed in a way that decision deadlines ARE NOT OPTIONAL, they are in stone. A club may give you a different date than what is listed in this document and no club can rescind your offer.

  • OVR AGE LEVELS DEFINED: Before you register please read and decide what age you are eligible to play. When competing in National tournaments you must follow the USAV age levels.  When in the OVR you may qualify for a waiver depending on your grade. Players wishing to participate on FIRE (Elite) teams traveling extensively outside the region should follow the USAV ages only.

  • MEDICAL RELEASE FORM REQUIRED: The OVR requires each player to have a medical release form before playing. Click above and download this form. Have it filled out and signed

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